Dude built his house around an electric pole

Dude built his house around an electric pole

Dude built his house around an electric pole

Dude built his house around an electric pole from WTF

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31 thoughts on “Dude built his house around an electric pole

  1. I’m more concerned with the shower curtain front door

  2. Misu-soup says:

    Is that a load bearing pole?

  3. themonkeyperson says:

    at least the electrician has easy access now

  4. Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t so bad? I was expecting it to be in the middle of his living room, or high-voltage wires being exposed inside the home.

  5. figgenhoffer says:

    I mean. There looks to be plenty of spaces to build a house here that doesn’t have a live wire running through it. Is there some benefit to this that I can’t see?

  6. Man is gonna die in the next 5 years

  7. deathhimself23 says:

    its there for structural integrity

  8. Iced_Chai_Tea says:

    i imagine someone just jammed a poll in this guys house.

  9. MDesnivic says:

    Can anyone determine the country???

  10. my parents bought a plot of land where a tree blocked the driveway. They weren’t allowed to cut it down unless they #teamtrees’d it and planted 3 more. Turns out, the front block got subdivided a few years later and now the new trees block them.

  11. Captscary says:

    This is why there’s a building standard.

    Cant believe someone let that man use a tarp as a door

  12. llaviru92 says:

    As an engineer I don’t see what’s the problem here.

  13. TheDoctorChef13 says:

    Gotta love the energy of this place!

  14. MurderBeans says:

    It seems as if every country has its own Grover house.

  15. Why do Americans call it Electric? Not electricity?

  16. Deluxe_24_ says:

    This looks like if you tried to explain to an alien what a house is and they tried to build it based off only that knowledge

  17. Long_Significance611 says:

    Only in Iran, and some other neighbor countries! There was a video of an electric pole right at the middle of a highway in Iran as well!

  18. Long_Significance611 says:

    This guy later explained that they couldn’t get the authorities to move this from their property, so they just built it around the post!

  19. shahooster says:

    Railing for the stairs? Not a great home for sleepwalkers.

  20. UnicornStar1988 says:

    It looks more like a telephone pole rather than an electric pole.

  21. Individual_Rain9326 says:

    Seems safe

  22. 1. His dig now earthquake-proof
    2. Free power

  23. Mojave_Trooper says:

    Reason 5,484,598 that I’m glad I live in America

  24. barbarian818 says:

    So many problems…

    Who did the masonry? I’ve laid mortar better than than that drunk. Ever hear of brick pointing?

    a tarp for a door? Please tell me this is an unfinished home.

    indoor grade light fixture for the front entrance?

    no railing on the stairs? Someone’s gonna get hurt.

    From the looks of the mortar in the corner of the ceiling next to that pole on the second floor, I’ll guaran-fucking-tee that it leak if it ever rains there. And high winds are going to make that pole flex a bit, cracking the already shitty masonry.

    Fuck, they even did a shitty job of parging the masonry on the cupola!

  25. sinornithosaurus1000 says:

    *cancer has entered the chat*

  26. Battysmackerz says:

    This makes me wanna play fallout 4 again

  27. Fish_Stick says:

    Not good to build a house under electric cables. It’s been demonstrated they affect short term memory.

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