Drug deal gone wrong – Man report stolen marijuana

drug deal gone wrong man report stolen marijuana

marijuanaPolice officers were called to Park Place Apartments on Murray Avenue (Hanahan, SC)  after two men complained that they were robbed at gunpoint while passing around a joint with someone named “Jaime.”

One of the robbed men, a self-proclaimed dope slinger, told police that his friend “Cedric” asked him to bring 25 grams of marijuana to the complex for a deal.


The dealer’s identity was redacted from an incident report.


According to police, the dealer smoked a marijuana with two other people while waiting for the sale to go down. That’s when a gunman approached the group from behind and robbed two of the men of the drugs, their money and cell phones, the report said.


The dealer told police he thought the supposed sale was a set-up. His friend “Cedric” knew he’d have drugs and money on him. Plus, “Jaime” ran off with the robber after the holdup, according to the report.



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