( Donald Trump )Vote for a clown, expect a circus

The more you use blatant intellectually dishonest arguments against Trump (for example pretending like the two viruses have the same spread around the world) the less we take you seriously. Did Trump handle this virus in an optimal way? probably no. I think he took some gambles for the sake of economy and lost those gambles, and I criticize him for that. but to act like Corona is the same as Ebola is just plain stupid.

So people should realize that containing an outbreak of coronavirus in a place like America is incredibly difficult. For one, the symptoms. It would be and was widespread before peple even started developing symptoms to self quarantine. Second, America is quite large, especially in comparison to EU. States in america are larger than entire countries elsewhere in the world. So it isn/t just “OH shit, lock down this region/province.” You’re talking about one person traveling across the equivilent of countries with no apparent symptoms. So… yeah, America has plenty of reasons for surpassing other countries for coronavirus cases. Not saying that’s a good thing though, America dropped the ball HARD in terms of preperation.

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