( Donald Trump )Vote for a clown, count on a circus

The extra you employ blatant intellectually dishonest arguments towards Trump (for instance pretending like the 2 viruses have the identical unfold around the globe) the much less we take you significantly. Did Trump deal with this virus in an optimum manner? most likely no. I feel he took some gambles for the sake of economic system and misplaced these gambles, and I criticize him for that. however to behave like Corona is identical as Ebola is simply plain silly.

So individuals ought to notice that containing an outbreak of coronavirus in a spot like America is extremely tough. For one, the signs. It might be and was widespread earlier than peple even began growing signs to self quarantine. Second, America is kind of massive, particularly compared to EU. States in america are bigger than total international locations elsewhere on the earth. So it isn/t simply “OH shit, lock down this area/province.” You are speaking about one particular person touring throughout the equivilent of nations with no obvious signs. So… yeah, America has loads of causes for surpassing different international locations for coronavirus instances. Not saying that is a superb factor although, America dropped the ball HARD when it comes to preperation.

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