Do sailors actually swear a lot? “swore like a sailor”

So the general idea is that sailors felt free to express themselves using a lot of profanity. Who could blame them in the early days, seeing as how many of them had been impressed into service?

  1. Historically, sailors were tough hard-working, hard-drinking men who worked in an all-male environment, and so didn’t need to worry about social etiquette or ‘offending the ladies’ – so when on shore they would stand out among polite society due to their unruly behaviour and foul language.
  2. Because you try sailing without swearing. It’s an absolute f***ing nightmare.

‘Pull that f****ing rope!’

‘I am pulling the f****ing thing it won’t move!’

‘You’re standing on the f****ing thing!’

‘Argh f*** sake I just got smacked in the head by a f****ing pole!’

‘Who you calling a f****ing Pole, you f****ing Italian bastard!’

‘Not you, you f***ing idiot – this f***ing thing!’

‘Can you all stop f***ing swearing and arguing for one minute and focus – we’ve been going in circles for three ****ing days now!

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