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  1. Girls blink twice as typically as males
  2. Flamingos get their distinctive shade from the meals they eat
  3. 70% of crimson meat eaten worldwide is goat meat
  4. US faucet water prices 250 – 10,000 instances lower than bottled water
  5. The iPad 2 would have been the world’s quickest laptop in 1994
  6. Solely 20% of Individuals have passports
  7. The full weight of all ants on the planet is about the identical as the load of all of the world’s people
  8. Solely three international locations haven’t formally adopted the metric system (United States of America, Liberia, and Myanmar)
  9. 8 of the ten costliest disasters in US historical past have been brought on by hurricanes
  10. The world consumes about 2 liters of oil per individual per day
  11. Black cats are thought-about dangerous luck within the US however good luck in Japan
  12. Butterflies style with their toes
  13. Lightning strikes Earth about 8 million instances a day
  14. Whether or not you stroll or run, you burn about 100 energy per mile (or 60 energy per km)
  15. Dolphins sleep with one eye open
  16. People are born with 300 bones however since many fuse collectively, adults solely have 206 bones
  17. Turtles can breathe by their rear-ends
  18. A flea can bounce about 130 instances its top. That is like a human leaping over the Gateway Arch in St. Louis
  19. Australia’s fluctuating kangaroo inhabitants generally outnumbers its human inhabitants greater than 2-to-1
  20. About 11% of Earth’s land floor is used to develop crops
  21. The mind is simply about 2% of an individual’s physique mass however requires about 20% of its oxygen and energy
  22. Bullfrogs don’t sleep
  23. China produces extra pigs than all different international locations mixed
  24. About 97% of the water on Earth is undrinkable
  25. Vanilla makes up virtually 1/3 of the world’s ice cream gross sales
  26. The diameter of the moon is lower than the space from Los Angeles to New York
  27. Individuals do not sneeze after they’re asleep
  28. Solely about 10% of the world’s inhabitants lives within the Southern Hemisphere
  29. Nearly half of the individuals in Manhattan dwell alone
  30. A totally loaded supertanker touring at regular velocity takes at the very least twenty minutes to cease
  31. The Eiffel Towers will get about 6 inches (15cm) taller within the warmth of summer time
  32. A pineapple is not a single fruit – it is a group of berries which have fused collectively
  33. There are extra chickens than individuals on the planet
  34. The hair on a polar bear is not white, it is clear


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