Did The Hanging Gardens Even Exist? The Most Mysterious Surprise Of The Historical World

Did The Hanging Gardens Even Exist? The Most Mysterious Wonder Of The Ancient World

Ancient History | June 11, 2021

An artist rendition of the Hanging Gardens. (Getty Photos)

Of the unique Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, solely one among them, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, has remained elusive to archaeologists and historians. In truth, they could have by no means existed.

What Have been The Hanging Gardens, And Why Did They Cling?

In response to accounts in Greek and Roman texts, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon had been a lush, artifical oasis within the desert. It was supposedly constructed by King Nebuchadnezzar II within the sixth century B.C.E. as a particular reward to his beloved spouse, Amytis, who had moved to Babylon from Media upon her marriage ceremony and shortly grew homesick for the inexperienced gardens and aromatic flowers of her homeland.

The gardens had been stated to be 75 ft tall, consisting of vines, herbs, and flowers cascading from terraces alongside waterfalls, giving the impression that the foliage was hanging from above. To maintain them alive within the sizzling, dry local weather of Babylon, the king’s engineers needed to design a sequence of waterwheels, water screws, and pumps that diverted water from the Euphrates River to the highest tier of the backyard, whereas wells and cisterns held water that will be delivered to the vegetation. It was a system that was effectively forward of its time … if it existed.

Assyrian wall reduction exhibiting gardens in Nineveh. (Noah Wiener/Wikimedia Commons)

Did The Hanging Gardens Actually Exist?

Within the historic information, the traditional Babylonians never mention the gardens. This alone was sufficient for students to query their existence, however archaeologists have additionally searched the ruins of Babylon for the Hanging Gardens for a whole lot of years, and nobody has ever discovered conclusive proof of them. Might the Hanging Gardens of Babylon be a “historic mirage,” one thing that’s written about however by no means actually existed? Maybe the Hanging Gardens of Babylon had been merely an historic urban legend.

Perhaps they simply weren’t in Babylon. They could have been situated in Nineveh, some 300 miles to the north, commissioned by King Sennacherib of Assyria a few century sooner than beforehand thought. His palace was stated to have included a “nice surprise for all of the peoples” that used the Archimedes’ screw to drag water up from the river, and archaeologists have found bas reliefs within the space that present it accompanied by lovely, lush gardens. The local weather and topography of Nineveh, which housed a powerful system of aqueducts beneath town, can be higher suited to such a backyard. It would come all the way down to a easy historic error: In 689 B.C.E., Assyria defeated Babylon and seized management of the area, and for a time, Nineveh was referred to as “New Babylon.” The Hanging Gardens of Babylon might need really been the Hanging Gardens of New Babylon.

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