Deleted Dark Joke From ‘Toy Story 2’

Toy Story 1562530141
Toy Story 1562530141

Some fans have noticed that the version of Toy Story 2, available in digital version and on the last Blu-ray disc, had been slightly modified. Disney would have removed a segment of the “reel” that would not really fly in 2019.

The scene in question sees Stinky Pete, a prospector’s toy, crawling on two Barbies, promising them “a role in Toy Story 3”, presumably for some type of sexual favors that do not involve the genitals any of they did.

It’s a little surprising that this joke was in a Disney movie, starting with Stinky Pete’s lead actor, Kelsey Grammer, who was charged (although ultimately not charged) with sexually assaulting her 15-year-old son. . babysitter just four years ago. And this song plays particularly badly today. Thanks to Harvey Weinstein (Stinky Pete of Hollywood), we have all learned how much of the real and despicable “casting” tactic is in the film industry. Not to mention how Toy Story 2’s co-director, John Lasseter, was recently forced to leave Disney after learning that Pixar employees had literally “developed a defensive stance they called” Lasseter “for avoid his attentions.

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So this is a case where Disney Lucas writes their old movies does not seem so bad. And for the sexually misplaced sex insinuations of Toy Story 2, good news: Disney has not touched the scene where Buzz gets pampered by Jessie and makes a wing effect.