Cucumbers are better than men

krzys16 / Pixabay
  • The average length of cucumbers is at least 6 inches.
  • Cucumber is always difficult.
  • Cucumbers have never had performance problems.
  • No problem taking cucumbers.
  • Cucumbers can go every weekend.
  • Cucumbers will respect you. The next morning too.
  • Cucumbers will not ask, “Am I the first”.
  • Cucumbers don’t care about your virginity.
  • Cucumbers won’t know.
  • Cucumbers don’t have health problems.
  • Cucumber doesn’t smell & run.
  • You can enjoy as much cucumber as possible.
  • You can eat a cucumber whenever YOU like.
  • Cucumbers will not ask for their rank, on a scale from 1 to 10.
  • Cucumbers will not make a scene if there are other cucumbers available.
  • Cucumbers don’t mind hiding in your closet when your mother comes.
  • Cucumbers do not give hickey.
  • Whatever your age, you can get a private cucumber.
  • Cucumbers can stay up all night, and you don’t need to sleep in a wet place.
  • Cucumbers won’t make you wonder for a month.
  • Cucumbers will not tell you that a vasectomy will damage it for them.
  • Cucumbers never forget to flush the toilet.
  • Cucumber does not compare you to the middle fold.
  • Cucumbers don’t tell you that you look better with long hair.
  • Cucumbers will never leave you for another woman, another man, another cucumber.
  • Cucumber will not tell you that he is more than you intellectually.
  • Cucumbers won’t expect you to have a little cucumber.
  • Cucumber is easily thrown away.

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