Cruise ship “Pacific Sun” in New Zealand

Cruise ship "Pacific Sun" in New Zealand

Cruise ship “Pacific Sun” in New Zealand

Cruise ship "Pacific Sun" in New Zealand from WTF

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26 thoughts on “Cruise ship “Pacific Sun” in New Zealand

  1. ZestycloseConfidence says:

    Stripey shirt has accepted his situation by the fifth or six roll.

  2. DivulgeFirst says:

    Now think about the dude in the bathroom having a dump…

  3. Fractal_one says:

    I was in a collision at sea doing a fuel/food onrep when the USS Sacramento over corrected to port smashing into my carrier’s (CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln) forward starboard deck edge taking out their entire bridge.

    When the collision occured I was in the top coffin rack in my berthing asleep and when the carrier listed due to the collision it rolled me out of the top rack across the aisle into the middle adjacent coffin rack. I woke up in mid air before landing in the middle rack across the aisle disoriented as hell wonder wtf just happened then heard the collision at sea alarms going off over the 1MC.

    Some crazy stuff happens at sea.

  4. _beckyann says:

    Ouch! Lady in black went face first into that pole.

  5. SlimChiply says:

    Jamiroquai needs a new gimmick

  6. Vertebrae_Viking says:

    God I fucking hate the video player reddit made, it’s so fucking full of shit with its inconsistency in even displaying anything

  7. > During the evening of 30 July 2008 the cruise ship Pacific Sun rolled heavily in gale
    > force winds and high seas while returning to Auckland on the final leg of an 8-day
    > cruise of the South Pacific. Of the 1730 passengers and 671 crew on board, 77 were
    > injured, with seven sustaining major injuries.

    > The motion of the ship had increased during the day, and at sunset the master had
    > hove to into wind and swell, in doing so reducing the vessel’s speed to below that at
    > which the one working stabiliser was effective. Two hours later, the ship rolled heavily
    > three times, to an estimated angle of heel of 31º, as the master was attempting to
    > reduce her motion by altering course.

    Yes the report mentions about having furnishing being secured to the deck.

    > Had Pacific Sun’s furnishings and fittings been sufficiently secured so as to resist
    > moving when she heeled, the number of injuries would have been greatly reduced.

    If anyone is actually curious.

    The ship is from 1985. So while ships get dry docked up every now and then, there is only so much new tech you can shove into older ships for stabilization. That and it’s a TINY ship.

  8. You think this view is bad you should see the room with all the pianos! Fucking mental.

  9. John_Denvers_Head says:

    Cruise ships need handholds on everything as part of the decor.

  10. justxkyle says:

    Looks like the bartender has to learn to control his telekenisis.

  11. hellyhans says:

    It’s mind boggling how the people are just staying out in the open space instead of going in a small space and not getting shit yeeted at you back and forth…Stay behing the bar, or go in the small passage and stay there.. jeez

  12. DK_The_White says:

    Interesting video. Shame I can’t watch it since VReddit is absolute trash on mobile.

  13. fscknuckle says:

    That’s just swell.

  14. electricfoxx says:

    Why is stuff not bolted down?

  15. chaoskarma says:

    “Table for… uhhhm”

  16. boringdude00 says:

    That cook at the beginning appears to be immune to the laws of physics.

  17. dexterpine says:

    Slide to the left…
    Slide to the right…
    Criss cross!
    Criss cross!
    Cha cha real smooth…

  18. MannB1023 says:

    Look at the lady in the black suit around 0:39 bonk her head against the pole

  19. Man she hit her head pretty hard. Ya know what’ll make that feel better? A HUNDRED CHAIRS!”

  20. paulusblarticus says:

    Damn she got knocked out at 0:40

  21. whiteboyjt says:

    Large determined looking chap in striped shirt bravely walking in at 0:11, seen again being turned into a bowling ball around 0:52 and having a roll past around 1:04

    Sign me up for the next voyage!

  22. Cheezits123 says:

    If you can get the timing of when the boat tilts because of a wave and move your phone at the same angle simultaneously, it looks like your making everyone and everything slide across.

  23. reviewerx says:

    I’ve seen this on Star Trek. They’re all acting. You can tell the way the camera stays perfectly still.

  24. I was once taking a leak on a ferry when it came into the dock, and the dumbass driving it slammed it hard into the dock. I was actually lifted off my feet, mid piss, and thrown across the bathroom. Came out all dazed into a scene like this- everything on the floor, the bar/cafe area a complete bomb site. Plus I already had sea sickness.

  25. Dead8Ended says:

    We are the Ocean’s bitch.

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