Conspiracy: Just Jared Has Deleted a Recent Post About Tom Hiddleston. But Why?, the popular celebrity gossip site, recently published a post about Tom Hiddleston taking a walk in London on March 29, 2021. I published a post about on ONTD, linking to Just Jared’s Twitter since the site is a banned source.

However, both the tweet and the original post have disappeared without a trace. The entry is completely gone from JJ’s site. The tweet is gone, too.

Something weird is going on, and ONTD is going to get to the bottom of it!

Below, the evidence:

There is definitely photographic evidence of Tom taking a walk. It’s the same set of pictures that JJ published and tweeted. Several fan accounts published the photos, so it is DEFINITE that they existed.

I even poisoned your eyes with a damn post about it.

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th ontd.png

However, the images have been scrubbed from Just Jared’s website.

th ontd jj.png

You can see in the url that this post clearly existed. The url reads,

So…the article was definitely there.

The Just Jared Twitter entry has been deleted, as well. An Advanced Search of JJ’s Twitter account for mentions of “Tom Hiddleston” from March 28th, 2021, to March 30th, 2021, shows no entries.

th ontd jj 2.png

So… why the deletion?

The pictures were definitely not flattering. Did he and his publicist complain? Did another publication have a copyright dispute? Did a ghost mistake Tom as one of his pale bretheren and swoop in to steal his image?


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