A Collection of White People Problems

White People Problems
White People Problems

“White People Problems” is a term that combines a facetious reference to white privilege with the accusation that we’re all pampered ingrates.

White People Problems

You aren’t allowed to use the “n-word”

Woke up to a solid 6 inches this morning and I’m not talkin about the snow

Getting the wrong coffee at Starbucks.

I can’t believe my dad is ignoring me cause I asked $1000

My drone might have water damage

Dad: where will we put the second Christmas tree

Its such a tragedy that every neighborhood in the city doesn’t have a Shake Shack.

Just burned my tongue on my hot chai latte

Getting a 2015 Jeep Wrangler and not a 2016 one.

Being not really able to listen to Hip Hop or Gangster Rap or at least not dance to it.

Being in an environment where you’re the only white person ( very rare on its face for most White Americans).

Not being shown the due and proper respect in certain social circles.

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Being assumed to be wealthy.

I need a bigger closet, all of my clothes don’t fit

Going to an authentic Chinese restaurant, with a group of Chinese people, and getting silverware while everyone else gets chopsticks.

Getting sunburned.

Getting called on some racially clueless remark you just made and not being able to richsplain or mansplain or whitesplain it to everyone’s satisfaction.

Being called white.

Went to bestbuy to buy a cd. Turns out they don’t have 21 Savage.

Pretty sure I just got peer pressured by a barista to put whipped cream on my white chocolate mocha

Everyone is convinced you have a great paying job.

I spilled some expensive whiskey tonight

My tablet won’t turn on so I’m stuck with the old huge clunky laptop

A lot of people think you are stuck up and unapproachable.

I want to start making Thanksgiving food, but the cleaning lady is still here.

I already lost the hope of ever getting tanned

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Love the stretch of yoga, hate the show off “look at me” people in the yoga class

A white people problem is getting burnt red while sunbathing at the beach.

Apparently my bath water was too hot

White People Problems – Saturday Night Live