Collection of Atheist Jokes

  • Man and God once met each other on the road. Do you know what was their reaction? Both exclaimed, “Oh!!! My Creator!”
  • Why can’t atheist solve exponential equations? Well, because they don’t believe in higher powers.
  • Do you know what’s my favorite part of the Bible? It’s when God gives people a free will and then kills everybody in a flood because of not acting the way he wants.
  • Atheism and Religion are two sides of the same coin. One relies on heads while the other is just based on tales.
  • Do you know why you don’t see a church providing free WiFi? Because, I guess, they don’t want to compete with an invisible power that actually works.
  • God said, “Thou shall not kill.” And then he wiped out the entire human race with a global flood just because people didn’t take it seriously. (maybe it didn’t apply to God himself? Who knows? =D)
  • Religious people might be on to something after all, rejecting the theory of evolution. If evolution worked properly, there wouldn’t be any religious people.