Cigarettes are purposefully designed to get people addicted

Cigarettes 1558034583
Cigarettes 1558034583

Well, when the tobacco leaf burns, it produces smoke that is too alkaline for people to inhale, making cigarettes harder to consume. With the 19th century, came the idea of flue curing, meaning that tobacco was now “cured” to preserve the sugars in it, which when burnt produce acids lowering the pH of the smoke, making it easier to inhale.  Now, smokers could inhale more smoke causing the profound cigarette epidemic.

Moreover, nicotine is water soluble, meaning that companies could easily lower the amounts of nicotine in cigarettes, but they don’t. FDA could easily regulate the amount of nicotine present in cigarettes, making less addictive cigarettes, but the huge tobacco lobby would never let it happen.

Cigarettes kill

  1. The aforementioned reasons make smoking so addictive (80–90% addiction rate) compared to alcohol (10–15% addiction rate)
  2. It is estimated that if the current trends continue, we would lose about a billion humans by 2100 to smoking caused diseases.
  3. Cigarettes kill half the chronic smokers, meaning that if you’ve smoked cigarettes for a long time there’s a 50% chance that you’ll die to a smoking caused illness.