The CIA headquarters has its own Starbucks

punttim / Pixabay

For people with easy names, ordering at Starbucks is probably easy. If your name is a little complicated, you can bet that it will be written on your cup like a jumble of letters. (Life Tip: To minimize spelling disasters, get a Starbucks alias, like Meg or Tom.)

Fortunately, there is a Starbucks site where baristas are never in danger of being mistaken. It’s not because they are all spelling champions, they just are not allowed to ask you for your name. The reason has something to do with the location of the cafe: the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

This Starbucks store is known as “Number 1 Store” and is the only store out of 20,000 that will never ask you for your name with your beverage order. The nine baristas who worked there had to undergo a thorough check of their antecedents before receiving these green aprons. Since they can not associate a name with each command, they must associate it with a face. It may seem difficult, but after a while, the baristas learn the customer’s usual drink order. (Hope these java enthusiasts know the only drink not to order at Starbucks.)

Before you go to Virginia to get a coffee without spelling, we should tell you: you can not walk to the headquarters of the CIA. Each person must obtain a security clearance. And if a cafe is the only reason you are at the CIA headquarters, you will not be able to enter.

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