Cheese Pie and Freedom

Bulgarian Entree

(Cheese Pie)


¼ teaspoon baking soda
2 eggs
¼ cup vegetable oil
½ cup entire milk yogurt
½ pound Bulgarian white cheese, sirene, or feta
no-stick spray
½ pound phyllo sheets
1 tablespoon butter


9″-pie pan

Serves 4. Takes 1 hour.


Preheat oven to 350 levels. Add baking soda, eggs, cup vegetable oil, and yogurt to mixing bowl. Combine with whisk or fork till properly blended. Crumble white cheese into bowl. Combine with palms till properly blended. Spray pie pan with no-stick spray.

Gently unroll phyllo dough. Drizzle 2 tablespoons yogurt/feta combination onto phyllo sheet. Gently clean combination over complete phyllo sheet. Gently roll up the coated sheet right into a log. Repeat for every phyllo sheet.

Place a phyllo log seam-side down alongside fringe of pan. Gently form phyllo log right into a spiral. Place finish of subsequent phyllo log on the finish of first log. Form this phyllo log in order to proceed to spiral began by the primary one. Repeat till pie pan is totally crammed with phyllo logs. Bake at 350 levels for 40 minutes or till pie turns golden brown.


1) In 1946, Bulgaria got here underneath the management of the Soviet Union. Culinary historians be aware that Russia pretended to let Bulgaria rule by a council often known as the Karfeni Glavi. This, in fact, interprets to “Potato Heads.” So, you’ll be able to see how little the typical Bulgarian although of the council. However by the late Eighties the Soviet Union was teetering on collapse. A couple of Potato Heads, sensing independence, whereas not but able to problem Russia straight, began abstaining. However not many. Few wished to stay his neck out. Then in 1989, Potato Head Iliev, famous Bulgaria’s nationwide dish “Banista” was, in English, an anagram for “abstain.” He’d convey banitsa each time he abstained saying, “I’m hungry.” He’d let his fellow Potato Heads in on his secret. Quickly, all of the Heads have been bringing banitsa and abstaining. Russian rule collapsed within the face of such a united opposition. Yay.

Paul De Lancey, Comedian Chef, Ph.D.


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