Cats might be our ticket to Mars

cat in space

Everyone knows by now that the mission to Mars might be some of the vital initiatives that human form has ever undertaken. However regardless of the billions spent, the outcome continues to be removed from passable. One of many foremost causes is the truth that a 2-year lengthy journey to Mars might deliver catastrophic results to the human physique. The uncomfortable side effects of this extremely lengthy journey could be very dangerous because of the lack of gravity, resulting in points starting from lowering bone density to muscle atrophy.

The rationale why our bones and muscular tissues are the best way they’re, is because of the gravitational power of our planet. However touring to Mars takes away the nurturing impact of the gravity.

However wait? how does a cat has something to do with it ?

Nicely…cat has a secret weapon that they usually “present” to us however we have no idea the sensible use of it.

Marvel why cats usually purr with none apparent causes? Purring is cats means of therapeutic itself. A cat’s purr is roughly vibrating at 25 cycles per second and it’s these vibrations that assist this cute feline to rapidly heal and adapt to its environment.

Why Do Cats Purr?

Scientists have additionally famous the good thing about these vibrations to the event and the therapeutic of our bones and muscle. Similar to cats if people are subjected to such a vibrations their bones and muscular tissues heal sooner and the therapeutic can be extra rounded.

In a spot void of gravity, just like the Area, the choice of protecting our bones and muscular tissues wholesome utilizing vibrations just like cats’ purr is a godsend.

Can fits that simulate cat purring hold astronauts wholesome?

If the right go well with or a tool, that may mimic the purr of a cat, might be developed to help our astronauts of their lengthy journey to Mars that might be a GIANT leap in direction of our dream – A Lengthy Protected Area Journey.

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