Cats can be your ticket to Mars

Cats can be your ticket to Mars 1
Cats can be your ticket to Mars 1

We all know by now that the mission to Mars is probably one of the most important projects that human kind has ever undertaken. But despite the billions spent, the result is still far from satisfactory. One of the main reasons is the fact that a 2-year long journey to Mars could bring catastrophic effects to the human body. The side effects of this incredibly long journey is very harmful due to the lack of gravity, leading to issues ranging from decreasing bone density to muscle atrophy.

The reason why our bones and muscles are the way they are, is due to the gravitational force of our planet. But traveling to Mars takes away the nurturing effect of the gravity.

But wait? how does a cat has anything to do with it ?

Well…cat has a secret weapon that they often “show” to us but we do not know the practical use of it.

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Its the “purrrr” of the cat that I’m talking about.

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Wonder why cats often purr without any obvious reasons? Purring is cats way of healing itself. A cat’s purr is roughly vibrating at 25 cycles per second and it’s these vibrations that help this cute feline to quickly heal and adapt to its surroundings.

Why Do Cats Purr?

Scientists have also noted the benefit of these vibrations to the development and the healing of our bones and muscle. Just like cats if humans are subjected to this type of vibrations their bones and muscles heal faster and the healing is also more rounded.

In a place void of gravity, like the Space, the option of keeping our bones and muscles healthy using vibrations similar to cats’ purr is a godsend.

Can suits that simulate cat purring keep astronauts healthy?

If the perfect suit or a device, that can mimic the purr of a cat, can be developed to assist our astronauts in their long journey to Mars that would be a GIANT leap towards our dream – A Long Safe Space Journey.