Category: Humor

Cutting It Close

The athleticism, the beauty, the grace- figure skaters have a way of leaving viewers speechless (and jealous) every single time. But when we see these ice gods trip or fall, it’s one of the...

Meet my girlfriend

Better work on your confidence instead kid, and plenty of girls will want to be your girlfriend. Sometimes the longing to find that perfect, beautiful girl to call yours is hard to bear. So...

Lifeguard Off Duty

A day in the life of a hot lifeguard is no picnic. You have to rub your perfectly smooth body with tanning oil, make sure your biceps look good when posing for pictures, and...

I Woke Up Like This Actually

If you have had an actual good night’s sleep, your hair is messy, you have marks from your pillow on your face, and you probably need a cup of coffee. 

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