Cannonball Loop water slide : Safety Hazard

Everybody in every sport wants to do a full 360 …. While it doesn’t seem physically possible to make it through, the slide was an operating attraction at Action Park—for about a month. After that, the state mandated that it be closed down, probably for being the most hilariously unsafe ride ever created.

Cannonball Loop

Everything about the Cannonball Loop was a safety hazard. There was a legitimate chance of not clearing the loop. In fact, that happened so many times that the park had to install a hatch at the bottom of the loop so people could actually get out if they didn’t make it. Not that those who made it fared much better—bruises, bloody noses, and cracked craniums weren’t uncommon. Some patrons didn’t gather enough speed to “stick” to the loop the whole way around and fell 3 meters (10 ft) on the downward half. Guests were actually hosed down with water in the hopes it would help them build up enough speed.

Another issue was the sand and dirt that would build up at the bottom of the loop and horribly scratch people’s backs as they zoomed onward toward loopification. There wasn’t even a pool waiting at the end of this unholy terror—the slide unceremoniously dumped those who conquered the loop onto a wet rubber mat. It’s rumored that they first tested the slide with crash test dummies—and that they came out the other end dismembered. However, we know that park employees were offered $100 to test it out. After the ride was closed, it wasn’t dismantled until the park changed hands in 1996. Until then, it stood in its place at the front of the park, warning all guests of the horrors that lurked within Action Park.

Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey is once again going to attempt the Cannonball Loop water slide. The Sky Caliber is what they are calling version 2.0 of their looping water slide and it will make its debut in Action Park .

Sky Caliber.jpg

Sky Caliber is being developed by Canadian company Sky Turtle Technologies. And they say the ride will send riders down a 90-foot vertical drop in an aluminum-enclosed capsule and then into a 30-foot vertical loop.

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