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Sweet and Sour Ending

‘Candy and Bitter’ is a South Korean romantic film directed by Kae-Byeok Lee. It’s an adaptation of Kurumi Inui’s novel ‘Initiation Love’ and tells the story of a younger couple and the challenges they face whereas attempting to make their long-distance relationship work. It stars Jang Ki-Yong, Chae Soo-bin, and Krystal Jung within the lead roles.

The movie is a breath of contemporary air in a done-to-death style and delivers a shocking, twist ending that’s unusual for motion pictures of the style. The ending of the considerate and attractive relationship drama has left the viewers baffled. In case you are in search of extra perception into the film’s closing moments, we are able to definitely present some. So let’s dig into it! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Candy and Bitter Plot Synopsis

‘Candy and Bitter’ opens with a Hepatitis B affected person, Jang-hyuk, being admitted right into a hospital. After his household and buddies distance themselves from him, he’s cared for by the hospital nurse Da-eun. He slowly begins to recuperate whereas putting a friendship with an overworked Da-eun. Quickly, he’s discharged and realizes he likes Da-eun. He will get her quantity from the hospital, and he or she invitations him over. The 2 spend the evening collectively. The following morning, he fixes the flickering mild bulb in Da-eun’s residence and cooks her breakfast. Da-eun is touched by Jang-hyuk’s kindness.

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Quickly, romance begins to blossom between the 2, and Da-eun asks Jang-hyuk to accompany her on a Christmas journey to Jeju, to which he agrees. Da-eun presents him a pair of sneakers, and he commits to losing a few pounds. A while passes, and a slim Jang-hyuk is assigned a contract job at an even bigger company agency in Seoul away from his residence in Incheon.

The lengthy working hours, commute, and competitors along with his new co-worker Bo-young result in him neglecting Da-eun. Da-eun reveals she is pregnant however decides to get an abortion and hides this from Jang-hyuk. After a struggle, the couple utterly drifts aside. The climax offers with the messy fallout of their relationship, and the viewers learns whether or not or not the couple will get again collectively.

Candy and Bitter Ending: Who’s the Different Jang-hyuk?

Throughout his time in Seoul, Jang-hyuk meets — and ultimately turns into drawn to — his aggressive co-worker, Bo-young, and spends extra time together with her. After his struggle with Da-eun, he kisses Bo-young and begins to disregard Da-eun. When Da-eun texts him to know if she ought to cancel their tickets to Jeju, Jang-hyuk tells her she will go along with another person if she needs. Nonetheless, by the climax, Jang-hyuk realizes he nonetheless loves Da-eun after listening to the point out of Jeju at his workplace’s annual occasion.

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Figuring out that Da-eun hasn’t canceled their tickets, Jang-hyuk thinks she is ready for him on the airport and rushes there. Upon reaching the airport, he does discover Da-eun ready there. Nonetheless, as he will get out of the cab and runs in direction of her, he bumps into one other man who seems to be the Jang-hyuk we met on the film’s begin. Lee Jang-hyuk, the one Da-eun nursed again to well being, is the particular person she is ready for on the airport.

There are definitely some clues earlier within the film that time to the truth that the particular person Da-eun is courting isn’t the identical because the particular person she met on the hospital. Whereas each share the identical identify and occupation, Lee Jang-hyuk is a pc engineer, whereas it’s hinted that Jang-hyuk is a structural engineer. Many of the variations of their personalities turn into apparent solely when Jang-hyuk begins to float away from his girlfriend, so the writers have completed a terrific job of masking the massive reveal. It’s in the end these variations that make us notice why, regardless of the similarities between the 2 males, Da-eun chooses to be with Lee Jang-hyuk. The film ends with Da-eun occurring the journey with Lee Jang-hyuk, leaving Jang-hyuk gutted, which brings us to the subsequent level.

The Dichotomy of Da-eun and Jang-hyuk’s Fates

After realizing that Lee Jang-hyuk and Jang-hyuk are two totally different individuals, the complete timeline of occasions unravels earlier than our eyes as we notice that each Jang-hyuk and Da-eun had been in search of consolation in different individuals whereas going by a troublesome interval of their relationships. This twist forces the viewers to rethink the couple’s relationship.

Whereas it looks like Jang-hyuk’s attraction in direction of Bo-young is on the root of his relationship issues with Da-eun, she can also be considerably at fault. It provides a subtext that’s maybe a commentary on the volatility of recent relationships. With out getting too heavy-handed, the movie subtly factors out the necessity for companionship and luxury right now’s rising adults face whereas navigating the difficulties at their demanding jobs.

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What goes understated is that the extra time she spends with the caring and considerate Lee Jang-hyuk, the extra Da-eun realizes her boyfriend’s shortcomings. Whereas there’s nothing flawed with in search of companionship, Da-eun makes some questionable selections (for instance: kissing Lee Jang-hyuk) given the truth that she is in a dedicated relationship.

Regardless of each being at fault for his or her relationship’s breakdown, Da-eun will get a candy ending, whereas Jang-hyuk will get a bitter one. Within the remaining scene (disguised as a mid-credits scene), Jang-hyuk returns to his workplace occasion. Bo-young reveals that she received the journey to Jeju and asks Jang-hyuk to return together with her. Jang-hyuk proposes to her, however she shuts him down, telling him that she isn’t fairly there simply but. The tough second provides insult to harm for the already heartbroken Jang-hyuk.

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How and the place did all of it go flawed for poor Jang-hyuk? Though the film hints that Jang-hyuk’s bitter ending is a basic case of karma, we don’t assume he deserves to be left heartbroken, particularly after Da-eun’s unfaithfulness involves mild. Nonetheless, although we sympathize with Jang-hyuk, he definitely solely has himself guilty. Not solely does Jang-hyuk misinterpret the wants of his accomplice, however he additionally modifications his thoughts about who he loves twice in the identical evening.

Jang-hyuk’s actions within the movie have a shade of selfishness, and his caring facet solely comes out as per his personal comfort. There’s a positive line between egocentric and self-serving that the character treads, making his ending even sadder. There’s definitely a lesson to be discovered for younger people within the contrasting fates of Da-eun and Jang-hyuk.

Why Did Da-eun Lie About Her Being pregnant?

Throughout their huge argument scene, Da-eun reveals to Jang-hyuk that she bought an abortion. Nonetheless, we by no means see her really get an abortion. Within the fuzzy rewind sequence, we see the physician clarify the varied precautions that Da-eun must take for her child’s well-being. This explains why she offers up smoking, her elevated urge for food, and her fixed tiredness and want for naps.

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Ultimately, she asks Lee Jang-hyuk to hold a heavy suitcase for her. This scene makes it fairly apparent that Da-eun didn’t really get an abortion. Not solely that, however it additionally means that Lee Jang-hyuk is conscious of her being pregnant and has determined to boost the infant with Da-eun. It’s possible that Da-eun lied to Jang-hyuk to see how he actually feels in regards to the child. His response is one other trace of his borderline selfishness and is sufficient to present Da-eun that she doesn’t belong with Jang-hyuk. She as an alternative decides to boost the infant with Lee Jang-hyuk, who’s extra caring and understanding of her wants.

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