Brunette girl kidnap a kid



A Blonde had been down on her luck. So that you can raise some money, she made a decision to kidnap a kid and keep him for ransom.

The girl went to the playground, nabbed a kid, took him powering a tree, and explained to him, “I`ve kidnapped people.”

She then published a note saying, “I`ve snatched your kid. Tomorrow morning, fit $10,000 in a documents bag and put it beneath pecan tree next to the particular slide on the north aspect of the playground. Signed, Brunette.”

The Blonde next taped the note for the kid`s shirt and delivered him home to show that to his parents.

The subsequent morning the blonde checked out, and sure enough, a documents bag was sitting within the pecan tree.

The crazy opened the bag and located the $10,000 along with a note that said, “How might you do this to a fellow Brunette?”

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