Bruce Lee’s Corpse Acted in his Final Movie

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When Lee died suddenly in July 1973, only four weeks before Enter the Dragon debuted on the movie screen, how did the studio respect him? By cashing publicity around his death, of course. And they’re not the only ones: Hong Kong studios flood the market with Bruce Lee knock-off films as fast as they can – films with titles like New Fist of Fury, Bruce Lee Fighting Back from the Bury, Going Out of the Dragon, Re-enter Dragons, Enter Other Dragons, and Enter Naga Naga, which stars kung fu imitators such as Bruce Le, Bruce Li, Bruce Liang, and Dragon Lee.

Game of Death
Martial Arts Movie Stars Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was filming Game of Death when he died unexpectedly. So what does the studio do? Well, they rewrote the manuscript so that Bruce’s character faked his own death to escape the mafia. Then they take footage from Bruce’s real funeral – including a close-up photograph of an open coffin showing his embalmed face – and do it in the film!

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