Brigitte Bardot the most beautiful woman who ever lived

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot

In the groovy era Brigitte Bardot was the most eye-catching and beautiful woman in the world. She seemingly came out of the middle of nowhere to become an international sensation. Born to wealthy parents in France, Bardot was only 15 years old when she appeared on the cover of Elle Magazine in May 1950. 

That cover made her incredibly famous at a young age and it cinched a ton of early parts for her. Director Roger Vadim saw the magazine cover and immediately put her in two of her earliest films: And God Created Woman and The Night Heaven Fell. 

Bardot was an international star, but she preferred filming in France more than anything else because she had trouble acclimating to new places. Supposedly she hated filming in Spain until she discovered sangria.

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