Bride demands wedding guests spend ‘at least’ $400 on extravagant gifts

A bridezilla asked his guests to splash a minimum of US $ 400 on her wedding gift.

The bride to be – who remained anonymous – took to social media to share a long list of things she would like for his family on his special day next month and a spreadsheet to make sure there are no duplicates.

The long list includes $ 400 in cash, or the same amount on a gift card for the big American luxury shops and designer clothes or accessories.

In a Facebook post, which has since been shared on Reddit, she wrote: “We are all aware that my marriage is coming in October.

“To all those who come to my wedding, there is a list of gifts that you can bring. You must choose from the list or consult me ​​first. There are no exceptions “.

She went on to detail his best: “All over $ 350 kitchen appliances girl that does not mean ordinary kitchen items like an apron or spatula. I speak of their drummer, mixer, etc.

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