Bold approach to strangers

approach attractive stranger
approach attractive stranger

1.) Approach stranger and say hello.


2.) Compliment them on their looks.

“I like how the sunlight makes your bald head look so shiny! It really is blinding!”

3.) Make small talk.

“I guess you wouldn’t like the rain, huh? Imagine the rain drops rolling off your bald head.”

4.) Don’t mention their bald head.

…“Oh, how silly of me! You’re not bald, I couldn’t see that single strand of hair that’s magnificently swaying in the wind due to the high intensity of the sunlight in my eye. Oh how wonderful it contrasts against the splendid roundness of your head. How do you get that strand of hair to shine so beautifully? What is the name of the conditioner you use, please do share!”

4b.) Don’t ramble on about their hair or lack of…


5.) If you have then tell them you have an instant hair tonic in your car.

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“If you come to my car I have hair tonic, just come with me!”

6.) If you succeed on getting them to your car then congratulations on kidnapping them!

Thus concludes our bold approach to strangers.