Bizarre News Headlines With Original Links

weird news

  1. Man v. Food Star Adam Richman Goes Vegan
  2. Man gets prison sentence for collecting rainwater on his own property
  3. Lost wallet returned 14 years later, with more money
  4. Russia just made a ton of Internet memes illegal
  5. Men more likely than women to time-travel and kill Hitler, study shows
  6. Delicious bacon smell leads police to pork thieves
  7. Comcast customer had trouble cancelling his service even after his house burned to the ground
  8. Hacked French network exposed its own passwords during TV interview
  9. Ottawa mom defects from anti-vaccination camp when 7 kids fall ill
  10. New North Korea textbook: Kim Jong Un learned to drive at age 3
  11. British Prime Minister David Cameron Caught Eating Hot Dog With Knife and Fork

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