Biochemistry Jokes

1. How does pyruvate get to work?On its Krebs cycle!

2. In a cell one day, some of the youngsters arepratting about and generally being a bit stupid: amitochondrion turns to the nucleus and says: “What onearth are those flagella doing? He’s being so stupid!”Nucleus replies: “Them? They’re just cilia”

3. A man walks into a bar and asks for a pint ofAdenosine Triphosphate.The barman says ‘That’ll be ATP please!!!’

4. Why did the person with a helmith infection laughwhen she started producing IgE?It was just a humoral response!

5. What did the infected patient say when IgG3 said shelooked nice?”Thanks for the complement!”

6. A mushroom and some algae were sat in a pub.Algae turns to the mushroom, and tells it a really badjoke.Mushroom: “Shut up, you’re not fungi

7. There’s a PCR machine in the lab that, whilst it’sworking, insists on telling jokes and generally messingabout.The spectrophotometer turns to the centrifuge and says”Look at him! What the hell does he think his job is?!”Centrifuge replies “Oh, he’s just cloning around”

8.You know your lab is too warm when…

1) Your low melt agarose does.

2) No matter how often you fill them, your ethanolbottels are always empty

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