Best “Would You Rather” Questions

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Do you prefer to pour out your skin like a snake every morning, or wake up every morning bitten by a snake?

Do You Prefer Death Save 10,000 Strangers From Death Knowing Nothing Will Know That You Or Life Knowing Everyone Knew You Decided Not To Save 10,000 People’s Lives?

Are You Better to Freeze to Death or Burning to Death?

Do you prefer to care for a baby crying for one day, or have a unwanted guest house for a week?

Do You Prefer Turkish Eating John Goodman Or John Goodman Size Turkey Size?

Theresa Walker added: “Do You Better Have Common Sense of Choice or Ignorance of Most of the Questioned Options?”

Are You More Happy, But Alone Forever, Or Very Depressed With the Love of Your Life?

Do You Like To Say Everything That Is In Your Mind, Or Never Be Able To Speak Again?

Do You Prefer Having the First Talking Dog in the World (But It Always Rumors About You), Or Become the First Human Pet in the World?

Are You Better Half Your Height Or Doubling Your Weight?

Do You Prefer Bell Bells Every Time You Are Afraid, Or Have A Sharp Taste On Your Side Every Time Someone Says Your Name?

Would You Like To Hide Your Pants In Public Places A Year Once For Your Lifetime Or Preen Yourself Every Day For Your Lifetime?

Do You Better Have To Re-Learn Bridge Rules Every Day Or Are You Personally Responsible For Catching People Jumping From The Golden Gate Bridge?

Do You Better Have A Knife For Finger Or Penis For Finger?

Do You Like To Watch Your Parents Have Sex Every Day, Or Join Once To Stop It?

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