Ben Crump Shares Damning Clips Showing How Lenient Police are With White Suspects

He argues there are “Two Americas” … and he has receipts.

As a civil rights lawyer Ben Crump is, unfortunately, a very busy man.

His latest clients are the family of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man who was shot dead by a white police officer during a traffic stop, after she allegedly confused her Taser with her loaded firearm.

Crump claims that US police treat white suspects far more leniently than Black; and on Thursday he posted a damning series of tweets to back it up.

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“This white man was resisting arrest, BEATING A COP with his own baton, and driving away in their police car, and there is not one taser or gun in sight… yet #DaunteWright was killed for a minor traffic violation. #TwoAmericas,” he captioned one.

Indeed, as the white suspect casually steals a police car after beating the officers with their own bat, his companion filming the stunning clip can be heard nonchalantly telling him “Jerry, you’re gonna get in trouble.”

Another video shows a white driver completely ignoring officers’ orders, and literally telling the officer he is going to shoot him while reaching for his gun.

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“This white man was actively resisting police, reaching for his gun, then drove away & was still NOT SHOT BY POLICE,” Crump wrote. “They even kindly asked him to ‘just please step out of the car.’ Imagine if he were Black like #DaunteWright… What would have happened differently? #TwoAmericas

A third video shows a white man being tased, standing back up and charging at the cops … who turn tail and run away from him; he even gets in a car and almost runs an officer over.

“Imagine if a BLACK MAN was resisting arrest, chasing after police officers, and trying to steal a police vehicle… He would have been killed instantly,” Crump tweeted. “But cops NEVER shot this WHITE MAN despite him being a THREAT to officers multiple times. #TwoAmericas.”

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And it’s not as if he is cherry picking from history; the latest incident occurred just 24 hours earlier.

“Yesterday a white man in Minnesota assaults a retail worker, rams into a police car, hits a cop in the head with a HAMMER, then drives off with the cop STILL ATTACHED to his vehicle. Was he shot? NO. Was he tased? NO. What a stark contrast to #DaunteWright…”

The final clip was different in that featured Black people as well as a white suspect — and thus a heartbreaking additional detail.

It showed the moment food truck owner couple Brittany Myers and Solomon Odubajo had a gun pulled on them by the white partner of the owner of the shared kitchen they had rented.

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Even while her husband wrestled with him for the gun, Myers revealed afterwards she struggled over the decision to call 911, knowing how the situation could possibly turn out. She told the dispatcher multiple times over the phone that her husband was Black and the assailant white, and that there was a gun involved — begging for assurances they would not shoot the wrong man on sight.

“Calling the police for HELP shouldn’t be a death sentence!” Crump concluded. “We need nationwide police reform!”

The officer who shot Daunte Wright — Kim Potter — resigned from the force, charged with second-degree manslaughter. A conviction would bring a maximum ten-year sentence — but his family are demanding life.