Be careful while sliding…

Be careful while sliding...

Be careful while sliding…

Be careful while sliding… from WTF

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39 thoughts on “Be careful while sliding…

  1. walther380 says:

    Dude is lucky. Kinda.

  2. VissyPaprika says:

    Dude almost got to meet god himself

  3. StinkyKyle says:

    Jesus christ who is filming this, Satan?

  4. t-o-n-t-t-u says:

    If he fell on a slightly different angle this could have been on r/NSFL__

  5. mysticblue17 says:

    I’m scared of falling 1 foot when sliding never mind that

  6. Nuotatore says:

    Honestly, I don’t understand the laughter in videos like this. For what they know he could be dead… and they laugh.

  7. dirtyrango says:

    Or don’t, just make sure your buddy records it for us.

  8. bluestraw08 says:

    How can u laugh while watching that. If I saw that in person, I’d shit myself

  9. Shaltibarshtis says:

    That’s how my cousin died. It’s all fun and games, until…

  10. Profile-Possible says:

    He found the shortcut

  11. SmoochTalk says:

    When my sister was a freshman in college, she was at a party at one of the dorms. A lot of the kids had been more sheltered than we had, so it was their first time with that level of freedom / experimenting with alcohol or drugs. This one guy was trying to look cool by sliding down a banister, and fell about a flight down onto a concrete floor. He hit his head and blood was everywhere. My sister thought she had just seen someone die. He ended up living but had issues relating to the trauma afterwards. The experience was pretty traumatizing for her and soured her a bit to the party / drinking culture at her school.

  12. brondantspo says:

    He is not in the right circle of friends.

  13. p1um5mu991er says:

    Won’t be using the stairs again for a number of reasons

  14. Tomo-Hawk-ZA says:

    /r/criticalblunder would probably enjoy this.

  15. chowmushi says:

    I’m assuming he was “OK” or this wouldn’t have been posted. But I predict this will come back to bite him in the ass as he ages….

  16. 753951321654987 says:

    Hahaha my friend died


  17. Eponarose says:

    Reason #394 why women live longer than men…

  18. That guy is simultaneously lucky and unlucky.

  19. Ya gotta love the giggle at the end!

  20. jeanronan_nenert says:


  21. Damn I thought he died

  22. ArihantIsHere says:


  23. God help him, Darwin

  24. ClearLake007 says:

    And that kids is why your father has a broken head/back/arms/legs

  25. Toasted_Bagels_R_Gud says:

    Thats not sliding! Thats Falling with style

  26. Tri_Testicle says:

    Both shoes after = SAFE

    Probably just woke up sore.

  27. Desperasaurus says:

    That could have gone so much worse.

  28. His shirt is red?

    Well it is now!

  29. Canadian tuxedo = extra confidence!

  30. yourmothersgun says:

    Could have been much worse.

  31. LincolnMaylog says:

    That laugh tho

  32. Dazzling-Finger7576 says:

    Sweet Canadien tuxedo!

  33. random_sunshine says:

    Could of been worse

  34. ComfortableWinter294 says:

    Did anyone else think of like that vine from years ago where it was like Jamie don’t fall and she fell exactly how he fell Lmao

  35. O_God_The_Aftermath says:

    Could have ended like they Jason Bourne scene

  36. OllieChild says:

    I just don’t understand why people immediately laugh in situations like this. Imagine laughing and then the person actually dies.

  37. Glad_Caregiver8375 says:

    Omg I am always picturing this when I see someone do that.

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