Baterade by Pornhub – PornHub April Fools Day

Their  Baterade ad shows a bunch of people of all different races, ages and backgrounds in various locations deemed okay to get yourself off.

Some are using their computers, others their phones and even one bloke was getting so into virtual reality porn that he was suffering a nose bleed.

It ends on a high note with all the actors in a V shape, which, if you look closely, looks a hell of a lot like a triangular pubic patch on a mountain that looks like a naked woman.

The new drink is designed to replace all your fluids after a tiring session; and when we say fluids, we definitely mean those ones

Pornhub logo.

It’s not like Powerade or Gatorade, which will only quench your thirst and put your blood sugars back up – baterade will let you get back in the game in no time. It’s safe to say that this product will probably never see the light of day – which is a shame because it looks like there is a gap in the market for this sort of thing.

Pornhub brought people together
From around the world to introduce Baterade
The first isotonic beverage
That helps the world
recover all its fluids… ALL of them.

It’s a real drain. Now you’ll love again.

Some of the lyrics have been subtly altered in fitting with the mission of Baterade, with choice lines including, ‘I’d like to teach the world to love, and never have to stop’ and ‘I’d like the world to cum again’.

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The beaming singers are all shown in situations which suggest they are in the midst of enjoying Pornhub’s library of content; singing Baterade’s praises from curtained bedrooms and from behind virtual reality masks.

The advert culminates with the cheeky choir arranged in a suggestive triangular shape on a hill top which bears more than a passing resemblance to a woman’s nether regions.

Oh boy, I can’t wait to try Baterade with my family, my friends, my coworkers, my boss, my other boss, my cat, my dog. Ohhh man, they’re gonna love it!