Most Badass Last Words

last words
last words

funny last words

  • What do you mean, “I’ll be back”?
  • Why is the rest of the Star Trek landing party wearing a different color?
  • Pull the pin and count to what?
  • Which wire was I supposed to cut?
  • I wonder where the mother bear is.
  • I’ve seen this done on TV.
  • These are the good kind of mushrooms.
  • I’ll hold it and you light the fuse.
  • What’s that priest doing here?
  • You look just like Charles Manson.
  • Let it down slowly.
  • Rat poison only kills rats.
  • OK, I’ll go ahead and make your day.
  • It can’t possibly rain for forty days and nights.
  • I’ll get your toast out.
  • Give me liberty or give me death.
  • Just take whatever you want, this is a ghost town.
  • It’s strong enough for both of us.
  • This doesn’t taste right.
  • I can make this light before it changes.
  • Nice doggie.
  • I can do that with my eyes closed.
  • I’ve done this before.
  • Well we’ve made it this far.
  • That’s odd.
  • Hey that’s not a violin.
  • I’ll just slip into the commuter lane for a second.
  • I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.
  • You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses on, would you?