Atari 2600 Custer’s Revenge by Mystique

atari 2600 custers revenge by mystique
atari 2600 custers revenge by mystique

Custer’s Revenge was released by Mystique for Atari 2600 as an erotic adult game to be played by adults during the height of popularity for the Atari 2600 Game system.

custers revenge Atari 2600

In the game, the player controls the character of Custer, depicted as a man wearing nothing but a cavalry hat, boots and a bandana, sporting a visible erection. Custer has to overcome arrow attacks to reach the other side of the screen. His goal is to have sex with a naked Native American woman tied to a pole.

The game focuses on the General Custer braving flying arrows over a desert landscape to have his way with the captured Indian maiden. The box cover and cartridge label further portray General Custer as a pale, hairy, and perverted sex fiend looking to get the all time high score. The maiden is shown as the opposite of Custer. She is illustrated as the virginal, tanned, and captured beauty bound by rope to a post in the hot desert sun. It is understandable why so many game players view our good General in a tainted light.

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The pure maiden is far from pure and I would dare to say that she resembles the most experienced porn starlet. Her full breasts thrust towards Custer and her rounded buttocks beacon mankind’s basic sexual instinct. She is no longer tied to the post and yet she waits with her mouth open wanting, waiting, and needing the hard embrace of her l. And looking at General Custer, he is no longer the corrupted devil but is instead the good man, , the gentleman with his soft swagger and his cowboy hat fluttering in the desert wind.

You’ll see graphics of a quality that you probably have never seen before. You’ll hear music and sound effects where you’ve come to expect only an occasional “bleep” before. Nearly every bit of capability of the Atari 2600 is used.

Custer’s Revenge would have been quickly and quietly forgotten, along with the hundreds of cheap advertising games that flooded the market at the height of the Crash. But Custer has retained particular notoriety because of its premise: To put the player in control of a character that rapes women. Even as porn games go, this is generally seen as crossing the line, as well as making a crass statement about a major figure in the Civil War and the usual objectification of both women and native Americans.