At present’s Zombie Carrot Apocalypse

Today’s Zombie Carrot Apocalypse

In a startling flip of occasions, our carrots have became zombies. Now, zombie apocalypses usually give us trigger to pause and replicate. What makes this zombification particularly fascinating is that it’s occurring with carrots. That is unprecedented.

However wait, there’s extra. These zombified carrots have the ability to stroll. How will we have the ability to make carrot salad if all our carrots up and stroll away? That will be a darned nuisance, actually.

What makes the carrots’ newfound ambulatory energy really troubling, is that they’ve turn into carnivorous. We’re meat. This growth presents vegetarians and vegans with a poser. Are flesh-eating carrots nonetheless greens or have they now turn into meat? The Grand Vegetarian Council is even now assembly in Basel, Switzerland to debate this matter.

That is one different merchandise. They could have the ability to eat us into extinction as an increasing number of carnivorous carrots come out of gardens each hour.

We should not let this occur! We should begin consuming all of the carrots we probably can. In fact, make the tastiest carrot dishes you possibly can. A attainable finish of human life on Earth isn’t any excuse to forgo eat consuming nicely. Purchase cookbooks. Make these carrot dishes.

Paul De Lancey, on the entrance traces


I’ve simply realized that the bunnies simply shaped an alliance with us and can assault the zombified, carnivorous carrots every time they see them. Courageous, courageous bunnies, I tip my hat to you.

Paul De Lancey, involved citizen and Comedian Chef, Ph.D.

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