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Ever been confused when buddies begin to gush about brushstrokes and the “media” utilized by an artist?  In search of strategies for the empty house over your fire mantle since your spouse made you are taking down your black gentle poster of Iron Butterfly?  Ask the Artwork Connoisseur–he appreciates artwork even in the event you don’t!

“To make a squirrel, we’ll want a sphere, a cone, and quite a lot of acorns.”


Expensive Artwork Connoisseur:

I have two questions, however they’re brief.  Primary–have you learnt why there are such a lot of squirrels in “basic” artistic endeavors?  Second–how do artists get them to carry nonetheless lengthy sufficient to color them?  I imply paint the squirrels into an image, not “paint them” paint them, you realize what I imply.

Thanks in your time.

Chuck Schwen, Schwen Low cost Auto Components, Rockford IL




Expensive Chuck:

Squirrels have been a supply of fascination for visible artists because the Renaissance, when Leonardo da Vinci painted the “Squirrel Lisa.”  da Vinci was additionally an inventor, and he developed a way to make squirrels maintain nonetheless by killing them first, then propping them up with strands of raw spaghetti.  For extra data on the various improvements that this “genius” left us, seek the advice of your encyclopedia underneath “V” for “Vinci,” not “d” for “duh.”





Expensive Mr. Artwork Connoisseur–

I used to be discouraged from pursuing a profession in artwork by my sixth grade trainer, who mentioned I had no aptitude for numbers.  I’ve nonetheless gone on to a profitable profession as bookkeeper on the Lyman Insurance coverage Company in Neosho.  I do know QuickBooks and do my very own tax returns utilizing “off-the-shelf” software program.

What I want to know is whether or not artwork is sort of a overseas language or the piano the place it’s a must to begin early and maintain at it for a very long time to be any good at it.  There may be an exhibition developing on the Cole County Honest this August and I want to enter a paint-by-number image of a cat I received at a pastime retailer.  (I received the image there, not the cat.)  It appears to be like identical to my little “Fluffer-Nutter,” who’s sitting on my lap as I kind this!



Wanda Jean Newcombe, Knob Noster MO


Expensive Wanda Jean–

Developmental specialists have achieved encouraging outcomes with late-blooming artists similar to your self, and now there are even “grownup” coloring books to assist individuals such as you keep throughout the traces.  As in your math background, even essentially the most troublesome paint-by-number package solely goes as much as 24 colours, so I don’t suppose you’ll want a calculator to deal with it.

The whole lot was going high-quality till somebody opened up a bottle of Chardonnay.


Expensive Mr. Artwork Connoisseur:

My spouse Judy has been bugging me to eliminate my favourite murals for years.  It’s a humorous portray of a bunch of canine enjoying poker, and is definitely a collector’s merchandise as I bought it on the going-out-of-business sale of Inexperienced Mountain Airways.  It had been adorning their gate at Shaftsbury Worldwide Airport, which that they had to surrender after they went into Chapter 11 chapter after their solely aircraft skidded off the runway and hit a cow.

I’m searching for some artsy “lingo” I can use to close Judy up when she begins in about how “cheesy” this very particular portray is to me.

Your long-time reader,


Orel Gomes, Quechee, Vermont

?attachment id=32940
Don’t inform Orel this isn’t a masterpiece.


Expensive Orel–

You’ve come across an important precept of aesthetics–you haven’t actually appreciated a murals till you’ll be able to discuss it in an obscure and high-flown method.  Inform your spouse–properly, after all–that your treasured merchandise is an instance of post-post-modernist irony that challenges our preconceptions of what artwork is by subverting typical notions of blodda-blodda-blodda.

For the utmost impact, chances are you’ll need to put on a beret whereas saying this.  Be sure you don’t tear out the tag if you wish to return it afterwards.

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