Asian American family was being harassed until the neighbors stood up

Crimes committed on the basis of racism and ethnic hatred have become a new disgraceful phenomenon of modern life that many countries have faced.

Modern racists argue that all races and cultures must live separately from each other in their “historical territories”, and they must not mix in order to keep their identities. But, we repeat, there is no scientific confirmation of the existence of different races. Biologists have managed to recognize only one – the human race.

Our today’s story is about an Asian-American family who fell victim to a series of hateful attacks, based on the ground of racism. Haijun Si moved with his family to the United States from China a couple of years ago and settled into a home in Ladera Ranch, California.The family was being harassed until the neighbors stood up.

In a neighborhood Facebook group, one of the neighbors posted video footage of a recent attack, which Si provided, and asked if anyone could stand guard outside the family’s home at night (6pm-12am).
Just imagine, after a long shift at work, you need to go and guard someone’s house.
It might seem impossible, but knowing that this will help people in need, doesn’t even question this action. So, The sign-up spreadsheet immediately flooded with names. Neighbors were horrified by the teenagers’ actions, and people were eager to help.

The harassment attacks are getting down and the Si family finally have their time for peace.
You can also listen to this story here:

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