Are you Gay? Get off the Plane!

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gay 1562519799

An employee for US Air, who happens to have the last name GAY, gets a
The aircraft recently used one of its company’s “Free Flight” programs. However,
when Pak Gay tried to take his seat, he found that the place was occupied by payment
passenger. So, not to make a scene, he just chose another chair.

Not known by Mr. Gay, another USAir flight at an experienced airport
mechanical problems. Other flight passengers are currently on
transferred to various aircraft. Some were placed on Pak Gay flights and anyone
those who hold “free” tickets are “hit”.

Airline officials, armed with a list of “freebee” ticket holders
board the plane to issue a free ticket holder. Of course, Mr. Our gay
not sitting in the chair he assigned as you remember.

So when the Ticket Agent approaches the seat where Mr. Gay should be
seated, he asked customers who were surprised “Are you Gay?”. The man, shyly
nodded that he was, at that moment he demanded: “Then you must come down
plane “.

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Mr. Gay, hearing what the Ticket Agent said, tried to clear up
situation: “You’re wrong. I’m Gay!” This causes anger
the third passenger shouted, “Oh, I’m gay too! They can’t kick us all!”
Confusion subsided when more and more passengers started shouting as USAir had
there is no right to remove gay from their flight.

As far as I know, they are still on the ground to fight it. 😉

Terry “Not Gay about this situation” Wood