Are Dr. Seuss and Hayao Miyazaki Really the Similar Individual…?


When speaking about Dr. Seuss and Japan, it would be bizarre to not kick your childhood within the nutsack by mentioning that the beloved youngsters’s author drew some despicably racist anti-Japanese cartoons throughout WWII and even defended the internment of Japanese-People. He later had a change of coronary heart and wrote Horton Hears a Who! as an apology for the issues he mentioned about Japanese individuals and never, as too many people think, as an anti-abortion parable. The primary clue was most likely him dedicating the book to “My Nice Good friend, Mitsugi Nakamura,” the dean of Doshisha College in Kyoto.

Whether or not this was sufficient to redeem him is as much as you, however that is not what we’re right here to speak about at the moment. We’re right here as a result of, no, actually, we suspect that Dr. Seuss and Hayao Miyazaki, probably the best anime director ever and co-founder of Studio Ghibli, may secretly be the identical individual. Which is simply our pop-culture-disordered mind’s method of claiming that there are some fascinating similarities between the 2 artists. Exhibit A:


catwalker/, 文部科学省ホームページ

Additionally, each males kinda hated the world and themselves.

Whereas a variety of Miyazaki’s works are household productions that anybody can take pleasure in, like My Neighbor Totoro, his magnum opus is arguably the very violent and adult epic fantasy Princess Mononoke. The primary clue to it not likely being for youths could be a scene early on the place a dude has each of his arms sliced clear off by an arrow.


It was loopy superior and badass, however that is not likely the temper Miyazaki was going for with this film. The story of Princess Mononoke targeted on a prince making an attempt to treatment himself of a curse however was in the end in regards to the wrestle between people and the world of nature, and, boy howdy is it clear which aspect Miyazaki was on.

Apart from scenes of clearcutting forests and a boar god turning right into a monster due to human expertise, Princess Mononoke additionally had a personality actually kill the spirit of the forest. In the long run, the message of the film appears to be that every one people, Miyazaki included, are all idiots for not being born bushes as a result of all we do is take issues which are pure and good and destroy them. He has been making claims like that for a long time now.

And but, with out spoiling something, the ending of Princess Mononoke is … not precisely comfortable, however it reveals a minimum of a begrudging settlement that even in the entire ugly mess of humanity, there’s potential for goodness. Miyazaki actually spelled it out in a 1995 memo for the movie, writing: 

“[Even] amid the hatred and slaughter … It’s doable for fantastic encounters to happen and for stunning issues to exist. I’ll depict hatred, however solely to indicate that there’s something extra priceless.”

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