Apple iPhone Jokes and Decide-Up Strains

Try the funniest, snarkiest iPhone jokes. For each Apple fan on the earth, there’s an Apple hater.

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Q: Why is the Apple nonetheless reporting file earnings?
A: As a result of iPhone customers are simply as oblivious to the looming recession as they’re to the folks round them!

Q: What’s written on Steve Jobs tombstone?
A: iCame, iSaw, iConquered, iLeft, iCameBack, iThinkDifferent, iMac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iCloud, iRIP

Q: How are you going to inform which one among your pals has the brand new iPhone 6 plus?
A: Don’t be concerned, they will let you realize.

Q: Why did Steve Jobs dwell his final moments in remorse?
A: They are saying your life flashes earlier than your eyes simply earlier than you die. Sadly for Steve Jobs, his iPhone 4S did not have a Flash participant put in!

Q: What number of Apple Iphone early adopters does it take to alter a lightweight bulb?
A: 3001. 1 to do the work and 3000 to go surfing and bitch concerning the lack of obscure options!

Q: What do the newest Iphone applications do?
A: Whiten enamel and carry out lasik eye surgical procedure!

Q: In response to Apple what’s the main explanation for iphones overheating?
A: Downloading photographs of Katy Perry!

Q: What do you name a Scottish iPhone?
A: An AyePhone.

Q: What kind of a pc does a horse wish to eat?
A: A Macintosh

What do you get in the event you cross an iPhone and a fridge?
Cool music.

Q: Why is it so unhappy that Steve Jobs died?
A: Everybody at Apple are crying their i’s out!

Q: What do you get in the event you cross a Kindle with iPhone 4S?
A: 4Skin.

Q: What occurs in the event you obtain the Princess Diana screensaver software?
A: Your iphone will hold crashing!

What do you name an iPhone that is not kidding round?
Useless Siri-ous

Did you hear concerning the music app that’s preloaded on each iPhone 6 plus?

Q: Why will not blondes take their iPhones to the lavatory?
A: As a result of they do not need to give away their IP handle!

Q: In response to a research by OKCupid, why do iPhone users still have more sex than different smartphone customers?
A: As a result of nobody has developed an app for Intercourse but!

Q: Why is Apple providing a free case for all iPhone 4 consumers?
A: It does not assist with reception, however protects the iPhone while you throw it towards the wall after dropping a name!

It was reported this week that Google would quickly launch its personal cellphone as a problem to the iPhone. Additionally a problem to the iPhone? Making cellphone calls.
(Saturday Evening Reside)

Steve Jobs‘ funeral will probably be held subsequent week, after which he will probably be reburied yearly in a barely higher coffin.

20 years in the past we had Johnny Money, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we have now no Money, no Hope and no Jobs. Please dont let Kevin Bacon die.

Don’t contact MY iPhone. It is not an usPhone, it is not a wePhone, it is not an ourPhone, it is an iPhone.

My iPhone display screen is brighter than my future

Why are iPhone chargers not known as Apple Juice?

Yo mama so fats she invented the iPad when she sat on the iPhone.

My daughter simply used “sext” in phrases with associates and now I will be spending the remainder of the evening going by her iPhone and iPad!

My iPhone charger has introduced me and my wall a lot nearer collectively

If Apple made a automotive, wouldn’t it have Home windows?

Yo mama so silly she went to the Apple Retailer to get a giant mac

I farted within the Apple retailer and everybody received pissed at me. Not my fault they do not have Home windows.

I do not perceive why everyone needs the white iPhone, Everybody is aware of the black one runs sooner.

Apple iPhone is 2nd greatest promoting product of all time after Rubik’s Dice.

That second when 10 12 months olds have a greater iPhone than you

I am afraid unwell by no means meet a person I like as a lot as I like my iPhone……and vodka.

We dwell in a world the place shedding your iPhone is far more dramatic than shedding your virginity.

My iPhone appears to be broke. I pressed the ‘residence’ button however I am nonetheless at college…

In case your iPhone is black and you are making Siri do duties for you you are just about saying slavery was OK.

My iPhone dies faster than a black man in a scary film

You’re 8 and you’ve got a iPhone?
Who do you name?

Do you know my iphone can be a distant management? Lets go someplace distant and you may have management.

Child, in the event you have been an iPhone 6, I might faucet you all day!

I AM completely happy to see you however thats simply an iphone in my pocket.

Is your dad a thief? As a result of if he’s, Sick hold my new iphone hidden while you introduce him to me subsequent Saturday.

I believe I have to name Heaven on my new iphone as a result of they misplaced one among their angels.

How a lot does your iphone weigh? Sufficient to interrupt the ice.

Excuse me, did you simply name me on my iphone? Then I assume it wasnt my cellphone that was vibrating in my pocket.

Im no Fred Flintstone, however I could make your mattress rock. Plus I’ve an iphone!

If I might rearrange the alphabet, Id put u and iphone collectively.

Hey child. iphone you tomorrow?

Hello. My pal over there guess you wouldnt let me google you on our first date. So what do you say? Sick purchase you a drink. You’ll be able to even google me again. My iphone battery is massive and robust and totally charged up, so we might google all evening.

iPhone One Liners

We dwell in a world the place shedding your iPhone is extra dramatic than shedding your virginity.

You traded in your iPhone 4s for an additional half inch? Hope your girlfriend does not do the identical.

My boyfriend is like an iPhone 5s. I don’t have an iPhone 5s.

Pricey Internet commercials, no I do not need to shoot the birds to win an iPad or iPhone. Sincerely, everybody.

I simply turned my brightness all the way in which up on the iPhone & received a pleasant little tan.

Telephones, Tablets, Clouds, TVs, if Apple made a automotive, wouldn’t it have home windows?

Eight 12 months olds have an iPhone, an iPod, an iPad and a MacBook. Once I was 8, I felt cool with my new markers.

I do not know why everybody needs a white iPhone, everybody is aware of the black ones run sooner.

All the time bear in mind that there are those that are much less lucky. I imply, there are most likely children in Africa who nonetheless use an iPhone 4.

The following iPhone higher have the center finger emoji so I can begin utilizing it as a substitute of “Ok”

I believe my iPhone is damaged….I pushed the house button and I am nonetheless at college.

I need an iPhone with BBM and a Nokia Battery.

Each time I delete an app on my iPhone, the shaking icons make me really feel like they’re panicking over who’s subsequent to go.

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