Apple holds the patent for rectangle rounded corners

Apple holds plenty of other design patents relating to the iPad and iPhone already—covering everything from the home button, the back surface contour, the bezel shape, the side profile,  and now for rounded corners.

Apple triangle

Apple is best known for its only slightly non-redundant product releases. It is also known for kindergarten-friendly interfaces, so much so that the company maintains intellectual property rights on the basic shapes we learned during our time there. Their right to ownership is defined as “The design of a portable and handheld digital electronic media device comprised of a rectangular casing displaying circular and rectangular shapes therein arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner.”

As it turns out, Apple owns a patent on the concept of a ‘ rectangle rounded corners ’ in connection with the iPad. Anyone who has ever furnished a credit card in order to purchase an Apple product, or has ever owned an Etch-a-Sketch, or eaten off of a lunch tray may wonder why Apple believes it was the first to conceive the shape.

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