An uninvited guest under the car…

An uninvited guest under the car...

An uninvited guest under the car…

An uninvited guest under the car… from WTF

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20 thoughts on “An uninvited guest under the car…

  1. Now, it has a weapon!

  2. Dirt_E_Harry says:

    “I’ll try spinning, that’s a good trick”

  3. stfonstfu says:

    that dog looks angry

  4. its_just_flesh says:

    Back up wasn’t much help, lol

  5. production-values says:

    deathroll is terrifying

  6. This gator is deploying the dark souls method of evasion.

  7. I was literally thinking “watch it be an alligator” and a few seconds later, bam, it’s an alligator. Why has this become an expectation?

  8. rayecharls says:

    Lieutenant Dangle over here

  9. Californians need this cause too many ppl be stealing cat converters

  10. This_Bitch_Overhere says:

    Is this Chucktown?

  11. Most wtf thing for me here, even beyond those tree trunks rocking those shorts, is trying to hold onto that device without gloves. Hands of steel.

  12. The way things are going these days I was half expecting him to pull out some guy dressed as a clown… don’t know why lol

  13. galosheswild says:

    Do a barrel roll!

    Do a barrel roll!

  14. mashcopter says:

    Going to new levels to reach you about your car’s extended warranty

  15. For native Floridians, the real WTF was that hunky man wearing those booty shorts.


    *On my first watch of the video, with no sound*: I’m strangely attracted to that dude. The way he just takes charge and yanks that gator out while giving no fucks about wearing booty shorts…

    *After reading the first few comments*: Oh, it’s not a dude! I guess my wife doesn’t have to worry about me having gay tendencies.

    *After reading more comments a few hours later*: Can you please make up your damn minds so I can know if I’m attracted to dudes or not?

  16. Narendra_17 says:

    Its a fucking alligator…

  17. lone_wanderer_4 says:

    Damn, poor Ali the alligator was just checking for oil leaks

  18. machvelocy says:

    At first i was like, meh must be a feral cats, fox, skunk or at worse, snake.

    But then i was like… WTF

    Truly the most wtf inducing post for me since those russian dashcam where a bunch of flufft mascots beat the hell of someone…

  19. SlayingMontis9510 says:

    Roll over. Good boy.

  20. brigdaddy says:

    The balls to wear shorts that short while wrestling an alligator is outstanding!

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