An attempt was made by someone from outer space to communicate with Earth

On 15th August 1977, just like any regular day, radio astronomer Jerry R. Ehman was working at the Big Ear Radio Telescope observing data in accordance to the project that he had undertaken but then something happened which was anything but regular. The Radio Telescope started picking up on a signal which had no resemblances to the usual signals from Earth. It was directed from a region in sky which had no planets or stars, near the Sagittarius constellation. The strange signal lasted for a time of 72 seconds and then halted and was then detected never again.

​Jerry Ehman famously encircled the anomalous signal on the printout of the data with a red pen and wrote the word ‘WOW!’ besides it which led to it being known as the ‘wow! signal’. Attempts have been made to mimic the incident or to present a possible explanation regarding the origin of the signal but all in vain.

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