Why Are American School Buses Yellow?

The American yellow school bus is an institution in the world. Those outside the United States who do not see the view on the street certainly on television, with characters like Otto in The Simpsons.

Colors not only add to the aesthetic appeal of things, but they also make our life much easier in many ways. Take traffic lights, for example; how do you, if instead of the red-yellow-green light system, they flashed messages written on a screen telling you to stop or leave? It may be good for some people, but for the majority of citizens, color coding does a better job. This is just one of many cases where colors make things more convenient for us.

School buses, as we all know, have a big responsibility riding on their shoulders yellow; carrying millions of students in school and on a daily basis … that is a huge responsibility. Think about it, they transport future presidents, technology assistants, innovators, sports … they are essentially an entire generation of humanity inside. Needless to say, they must be very careful wherever they go.

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WikimediaImages / Pixabay

Therefore, these buses are not only designed to protect passengers in an accident, but also present a remarkable appearance to make it difficult for anyone to miss, with their characteristic yellow color.
School buses are not pure yellow!

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Many of you might be surprised to learn that the color of school buses in the United States are not in reality pure yellow; it’s a whole different shade! It is a blend of orange and lemon yellow, as the color of a mango … very mature.

Why is it so recognizable? Because of the bright yellow color, a standard for school transport across the country. The man who put the idea in people’s minds was Frank W. Cyr, educator and author of Nebraska. Call a meeting at the University of Columbia in 1939, Cyr aims to reinvent the art of getting to school. He took the road itself, traveling through 10 states to assess the situation. The results are random concern.