Amazing 49.95$ Scam With X-rated Videos

Two young boys, 18 years old, in New Jersey took an ad out in the New York Post. They said they were selling the top 10 x-rated videos for 49.95$. These videos normally sell for 100$ apiece. So one time offer, 49.95$, all 10 videos original version, uncut. But no cash, no credit cards, cheque or money order only. So a lot of people went and got a money order, got a cheque and mailed it to this P.O. box in New Jersey.

The kids took the cheque and legally deposited it into a bank account. They had opened a small business account. Then they wrote you a letter the next day back on a very nice letterhead that said “Thank you very much for your order. Unfortunately, due to the huge demand we are unable to fill it so please find enclosed a cheque for 49.95$ to cover your full refund.

It was a real cheque. It was a legitimate account that had the money in it to cover for it. The only problem was that the name of the company was printed in the top left hand corner of the cheque and it was done in fire engine red in big block letters and the name of the company was CHILD PORNOGRAPHY VIDEOS INCORPORATED. So nobody cashed the cheque and the kids kept all the 49.95’s.

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