Almost ran into this while walking out my back door :0

Almost ran into this while walking out my back door :0

Almost ran into this while walking out my back door :0

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40 thoughts on “Almost ran into this while walking out my back door :0

  1. MarzipanTheGreat says:

    and that’s how you get 300 years of exercise in 5 seconds!

  2. Orb weavers are great. If you get too close, she’ll probably bounce on her web to be more visible to you, because she doesn’t want an idiot human destroying her hard work.

  3. TheRedSenator says:

    When was the last time you went out the back door?!

    Also, congrats on the new convenient, low-cost, environmentally-friendly burglar deterrent.

  4. Extreme_33337_ says:

    That spider is your new security guard

  5. I live on a lake and these guys do major builds every spring. Never go out after dark!

  6. chalupamon says:

    Little lady been busy, it be a crime to destroy that work of art.

  7. QuantumHangover says:

    Training in some swamp somewhere because I could shoot straight I saw a soldier walk right into one kinda like this. He must have hit his head about 59 times while screaming and run right into a tree then land spread eagle in the mud. His nose looked like Owen Wilson and the wicked witch had a baby and then they broke that babies nose (too far, I know)
    He was known as George of the jungle for the rest of his life. You just won’t believe how he died, it was an IED but he always thought it would be a tree. Peace out George.

  8. Ooo! Looks like an orb spider. They’re voracious mosquito eaters

  9. If you’re ever in a chill zen mode, it’s kind of fascinating to watch them spin these webs while drinking a beer or two. They just…get after it.

  10. NortonPike says:

    We arrived late in the evening at our hotel in Cairnes, Australia. We checked in and started following the walkway to our room. It led around the corner.

    At the corner were some tall shrubs about 3 feet from the building leaving a nice opening for a shortcut. We stayed on the sidewalk, though.

    Thank God.

    The next day, in the sunshine, you could see that hundreds of spiders had built a huge web between the wall and the shrub. Anyone walking through the “shortcut” would’ve been blanketed by a spider-filled web taller than they were.

    I almost had a breakdown when I realized what I had avoided.

    Oh God.

  11. SnappyFluffy says:

    We have orbs on our backyard, i feel bad whenever i accidentally destroyed their home.

  12. If I have one talent, it’s always finding the cobwebs strewn across a path. There could be seven giants in a V formation directly ahead of me and somehow, SOMEHOW – I am the one that ends up with cobwebs across my face and stuck in my hair.

    Now being the cool, calm Aussie dude I am – I scream the fuck outta my lungs and claw at my face and body until I’m sure it’s just the home and not the owner crawling across my body.

    I don’t bother spiders. But I don’t wanna have a pissed off and homeless one in my hair.

  13. You probably scared the crap out of her

  14. New_Ad_3010 says:

    Holy hell. It’s so beautiful and super icky all at the same time. Spiders are awesome at getting rid of bugs we don’t like, but damn. Icky.

  15. dream_nebula says:

    That’s his backdoor now

  16. AlexeyNorth says:

    Any others with Arachnophobia who momenterally froze, felt their soul leave their body, metaphorically shit themselves and then died?

    because I did….

  17. The_loudspeaker721 says:

    I would just move.

  18. 0pleasenothanks0 says:

    She hungry hehe

  19. -keenanwalsh- says:

    Last her have it for a few days.

  20. damn she worked hard on that

  21. It’s too perfect to destroy

  22. My arachnophobia screams

  23. Yeah well you don’t wanna be known as a home wrecker.

  24. Orb weavers are the best. I used to get them on my porch all the time. I’d pluck some wings off a fly or find a beetle and yeet it into their net. Had to destroy any eggs though. Don’t want hundreds right next to my door.

  25. Pretzel-Kingg says:

    I haaaaate bugs and stuff but I’ll let a spider hang out because they take care of other bugs for me

  26. RandomGamerz_007 says:


  27. ultimattt says:

    Correction, you almost became a 10th degree black belt martial artist.

  28. franklygoingtobed says:

    This is literally my worst, most recurring nightmare

  29. imarebelpilot says:

    My nightmare, honestly.

  30. there’s no denying those webs are fucking insane

  31. HallOfGlory1 says:

    TL/DR: I hate, from the bottom of my dark soul, spiders.

    We have a giant ass tree right in front of our house. I hate it for a couple reasons. First small reason, you can never have a clean car. You wash your car and in an hour it’s dirty again. Second main reason, bugs and wild life love the tree. In of itself i don’t mindthis, the problem is the the tree is close enough to the house that it’s canopy is actually on the roof. What this means is that you regularly have to deal with it raining spiders from above. Wake up in the morning still groggy, but have to take the dog out? Bam, walk into a web. Oh it’s night time, you need to take the dog out before bed? Bam, walk into web. And don’t worry all the webs have spiders on them. When i first moved here my first week was full of getting freaked out because I kept walking into spiders. I would get hives all over my body. Then I learned to always walk with a broom. So I would just wave it in front of me as I walked to get all the webs. At one point I was just tired of them so I got a lighter and hairspray. Remember how I told you the tree touched my house? Well lighting the webs on fire quickly spread which ended up licking the house. Lucky the tree and house didn’t catch on fire, but that was a real scare. Thankfully the spider problem is seasonal. When fall and winter come it’s actually really nice because all the leaves fall from the tree so they can’t fall on you from above. Sike! Did I say the spider problem was seasonal? No, now they spiders are under all the fallen leaves, they live there. So when you walk out and step on the leaves there’s a good chance a spider will run out and onto you. But couldn’t I just clean up the leaves? I do. Sadly the leaves don’t just fall on one night. They fall over weeks. Remember that first line I wrote? Yea it’s a giant ass tree that can drop enough leaves to bury you. So you try to clean it at least weekly, but it really doesn’t take much time for there to be enough leaves for the spiders to burrow under. I really want to tear this freaking tree down or at least just trim it up so it has less branches, but someone in the house likes the giant ass bug tree. Says it provides shade for the house and keeps things cool. Which is true but I really don’t think it’s worth the cost.

    TL/DR: I hate, from the bottom of my dark soul, spiders.

  32. heiroftelcontar says:

    Try export display=:0 then restart the application. That will clear up :0.

  33. When was the last time you left?!

  34. AromaticMacaron4989 says:

    Work hard / Eat well

  35. Lord_Danm says:

    If you have noticed you haven’t fallen into my trap

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