He is not acting like the hero Singapore needs

he is not acting like the hero singapore needs
he is not acting like the hero singapore needs
Batman Bin Suparman

Batman Bin Suparman

A 23-year-old man, Batman Suparman, was today (Nov 11) jailed two years and nine months for multiple theft and housebreaking offences.

Batman admitted to six counts of theft, two counts related to house trespass, one for housebreaking and one for drug consumption between June and August this year.

The prosecution proceeded on three of the 10 charges.

The court heard that Batman broke into SGF Billards & Marketing Singapore at Depot Road in the wee hours of the morning in August, and stole S$200.

On other occasions, Batman stole the ATM cards of his elder brother Nurazman Suparman, and made withdrawals totalling S$850.

During sentencing, the court heard that Batman is a first offender and a young one at that.

For housebreaking, he could have been jailed between two and 14 years.

The maximum punishment for theft is three years in jail and a fine.

He might have to get his mate Hulk Bin Ironman and  Thor bin Spenderman to break him out of jail.

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Source: The real Singapore

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