Ace Reid Cowpoke

An invitation from Ace Reid to come for a visit to decide if they were compatible to work along was the start of this reserve. Author John R. Erickson’s three-day visit to the Draggin’ S Ranch outside of Kerrville, Texas turned into three-weeks and after that three months. Mr. Erickson expended this time interviewing people who learned Mr. Reid, going through scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and pictures as well as spending time with Advisor Reid, himself. An life of sorts complimented using tales, truths and wonderful artwork that is synonymous on the Ace Reid name, have been brought together in the webpages connected with this book.

Ace Reid Cowpoke is a sharing of his life with the other world. A rendition that may be both serious and amusing about the man who was some sort of cartoonist, public speaker, artist, prankster and cowboy. This book allows the reader a front strip seat into the life in the artist on his road to be able to fame.

The author goes from the time of Mr. Reid’s birth to the 1980’s once the interview for the book happened. School years, ranching regarding his father, time spent inside the Navy, and days on the streets promoting his work; in the mean time he was honing his knowledge as a respected and recognized artist/cartoonist. Mr. Erickson is doing an excellent job of bringing out the man who has brought the fact of the western lifestyle in order to around the world. Through his publications of cartoons, calendars plus note cards; all revealing some form of dry witted traditional western humor, Ace Reid’s accept life is evident and the thoughts of this kind of book confirm that.

An observation of work done by this artist is that if you look at the image and have lived it or even know someone who has lived that, you will see the humor inside them. If you have no inkling connected with what is going on in the picture, most likely these cartoon books are certainly not for you, yet.

Take you time to read Ace Reid Cowpoke and get to know the man, his / her life and his humor. Comprehending the lanky stature cowboy with all the brawny face named John who has become famous throughout Ace Reid cartoons, will definitely follow.

Source by Ann Edall Robson

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