A short story from my old house when I was 13.

a short story from my old house when i was 13 14266
a short story from my old house when i was 13 14266

Short story:

So, back when I was 13 I lived with my dad, my stepmom at the time, and my brother. We lived in a pretty decent sized house ( it had an acre backyard with a pool 65 ft x 35 ft). Basically a party house if you will. This house was one story, but had long hallways and big open rooms. I remember when I first entered this house it gave off a feeling of uncertainness.

Like, you didn't really know how to feel about it. Sure the house was big and looked gorgeous but other than that it gave off a weird vibe. My room was the farthest away from everyone else. To get to my room you'd have to go down a skinny hallway that would lead you to the theatre room, laundry room, guest bedroom , and of course my bedroom. My bedroom had a big window that looked out to the front yard and the street in front of the house. My bed would face that window head on.

Anyway now you have a slight description of the house let's move on to the story.

One night we just got done having a party, and people were leaving and a select few stayed because of too much drinking. I was scared of the dark during this time period so I'd always sleep with my T.V on. Not only was I scared of the dark but the house always spooked me anyway.

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So I just got into bed and my stepmom would come in and pray with me every night. She was a very religious lady, and always told me to tell God about my day and ask for protection. I always did because it helped relax me every night before going to bed even if no one was there to listen. She left the room and said her goodnights and I looked over at my T.V and George Lopez was on.

I watched George Lopez before falling asleep. When suddenly I was awoken due to a loud horrific scream. My heart immediately started beating out of control. I started to shake. My T.V was still on because I would never set a timer just incase I woke up in the middle of the night. I got out of my bed and started to full on sprint out of my room, but for some reason something stopped me. I froze right at the entrance of my room and turned around. The T.V made the whole room glow, and from that my bed would cast a shadow onto the carpet.

I looked at the end of my bed and there sat someone. Sitting like a frog (hands in between the legs and crouching). This someone I instantly noticed did not have a shadow like my bed did. I remember my stepmom telling me that every time you go to bed your 4 guardian angels will be at each corner to protect you from danger.

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Remembering that relaxed me. Relaxed me enough to approach this figure. This figure was bald, had a smile on his face, and was wearing all black. I can't tell you if it was black pants and a long black sleeve. All I know is everything else but his face was black and was shaped like a human.

When I approached him I didn't feel terrified anymore. I felt like I've seen him before and I knew him. I said hello? There was no response just the same expression. I started to back away because i thought I would at least get a hello back. And not getting a response just freaked me out even more. I closed my eyes and prayed to god to protect me and my family from harm. I started to run down the hallway when I heard my name be called "Brandon."

I instantly froze.

Followed by my name I heard run. Run. I didn't ask any questions cause damn I was about to sh*t my pants from fear. So I ran, I mean i Forest Gumped straight down that hallway. I ran straight outside causing the house alarm to go off. Except it didn't. IT DIDNT GO OFF.

So now I didn't know what was worse being outside alone or going back inside to a figure crouched next to my bed, and someone calling my name and telling me to run. So I decided to go back inside. I decided i was going to go back to my room and see if the figure was still near my bed. I walked into my room and the figure was gone. Instead of sleeping in my bed I ran and jumped into my brothers bed and hid under the sheets.

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To this day I have many stories about this house and the weird things that would happen. Like this one time I was the last in the house for my grandpas funeral which was happening right outside in our backyard all our friends and family was there. I heard talking in the other room so I went to go let them know hey the ceremony is about to happen. But no one was in the room. Etc etc.

I was never a fan of this house and I wasn't the only person who thought it was strange. My stepbrother has felt his feet/legs be touched in my old bedroom when he was trying to sleep. My brother would hear pacing back in forth at the end of his bed.

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