A short information to scientific literature

This satiric put up includes a collection of probably the most dependable and well timed assets for looking the scientific literature.


It has lengthy been identified == I haven’t bothered to examine the references.

It’s identified == I imagine.

It’s believed == I believe.

It’s typically believed == My colleagues and I believe.

There was some dialogue == No person agrees with me.

It may be proven == Take my phrase for it.

It’s confirmed == It agrees with one thing mathematical.

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Of nice theoretical significance == I discover it attention-grabbing.

Of nice sensible significance == This justifies my employment.

Of nice historic significance == This should make me well-known.

Some samples have been chosen for research == The others did not make sense.

Typical outcomes are proven == One of the best outcomes are proven.

Appropriate inside order of magnitude == Fallacious.

The values have been obtained empirically == The values have been obtained by chance.

The outcomes are inconclusive == The outcomes appear to disprove my speculation.

Extra work is required == Another person can work on the main points.

It may be argued that == I’ve a great reply to this objection.

The investigations proved rewarding == My grant has been renewed.

Synthesized in response to commonplace protocols == Bought.

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